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AMP Media is a small, but mighty, award-winning multimedia production shop. We specialize in short-form documentaries and long-form ones (coming in 2023); climate-themed productions; music videos and artist profiles; plus experiments in multimedia art such as videographic poetry. We’re selective in what we take on as we are a small shop and wish to focus on projects we believe suited to our storytelling, music and cultural focus. Yet we don’t hesitate to take on issues of the day, including a special focus on climate-oriented videos (not to mention climate-themed music videos inspired by The Beatles). Our motto sums up our mission: ‘We Tell Stories.’ The tools constantly change. Yet the need for clear, evocative tale-telling hasn’t changed since the communal fires around which the art of the story began.

AMP Media was founded in May 2020 by Douglas John Imbrogno, a lifelong storyteller in word and images. He was for many years a feature writer, feature editor, and multimedia producer for the Charleston Gazette and Gazette Mail in West Virginia’s capital city. He is also editor of the monthly multimedia web feature magazine, WestVirginiaVille and climate newsletter ChangingClimateTimes.

Producer/Videographer Bobby Lee Messer, of Messer Media in Huntington, WV, has decades of experience in shooting and producing video storytelling and documentary work with heart and style. He is also a drone photography master and has one of the finest libraries of aerial photography in the Mid-Atlantic region. (He’d be more than happy to fly his drone-for-hire, named Minerva, for you if you need fresh views from on high.) Give us a shout or e-mail me directly at and let’s discuss if you have multimedia projects you’d like to pitch us.


Here are some awards and honors AMP Media’s work has been accorded in the wide world:


THE FEMALE GAZE: How a West Virginia Artist Captured 100 Badass Women: Overwhelmed by the headlines, Donald Trump, a pandemic and winter coming, West Virginia artist Sassa Wilkes couldn’t get to the easel. Then, RBG died and Sassa found she wished to get to know the legal legend by painting her portrait. The artist kept on going, painting 99 more portraits of badass women from present to past.

1) Official Selection in 13th annual 2021 SiciliAmbiente Festival, in Sicily, Italy.
2) Official selection in the 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival.
3) Official selection in the monthly Chicago Indie Film Awards in March 2021
4) Official selection in the 2021 Best Shorts Competition in “Best Short Documentary” category.
5) Official selection in the 2021 Venice California Shorts Festival in “Best Documentary” category.

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | “What’s In a Name?” The Deeper Story Behind a WV Confederate Legacy: The removal of a Confederate general’s name from the former Stonewall Jackson Middle School in West Virginia’s capital city was more than just a cosmetic change. In 2020, America confronted the wounds that have haunted the country’s existence. The renaming of the school laid bare that history.


1) Official Selection in 2022 Dunedin International Film Festival
2) Official selection in2021 Black Star International Film Festival in Accra, Ghana.
3) Honorable Mention in “Short Documentary” category in 2021 Black Truth Film Festival.
4) Award Winner in the 2021 Phoenix Shorts Festival in the “Black Lives Matter Short” category.
5) Official Selection in 2021 ‘I Will Tell Festival‘ that runs in London, Florida and Trinidad and Tobago.

SHORT DOCUMENTARY: “When Earl Went to War”: American men of Earl Goodall’s generation are famously not forthcoming about their psychological states or what it’s like to go to war. But this Korean War veteran communicates all you need to know about that ‘Forgotten War’ and his time on Christmas Hill.


Runner-Up in “Best Documentary/News Story 14 to 30 minutes” and Runner Up in “Best News Story/Public Information” at the 2021 NewsFest — True Stories International Film and Writers Festival.


MUSIC/VIDEO: “I Never Slept With Allen Ginsberg”: It’s true that as this music video reveals: “I Never Slept With Allen Ginsberg.” But a lot of other things happened that night deep in the West Virginia hills in 1983 …


1) Official nominee of the 2022 Venice Shorts Film Festival in Venice, California.
2) Bronze Medal in the 2022 Global Music Awards competition
3) Juried into the 2022 Berlin International Art Film Festival in the “Best Music Video” category.

MUSIC VIDEO: “LAY THAT BURDEN DOWN”: A Musical Homage to John Lewis: The world premiere of the music video of the Ron Sowell/Jon Wikstrom song “Lay Down That Burden,” sung by Lady D and inspired by the life, courage, and heart of John Lewis, whose example is ever more needed now in America.

1) Official selection in Music Video category of the monthly Chicago Indie Film Awards in March 2021.
2) Official selection in 2021 Accolade Global Film Competition in “Music Video” category.


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