Video Art

Video Art

We define ‘Video Art’ as videos intended to evoke a mood, without, perhaps, a narrative or a story to tell — other than the story of the experience of what is depicted.

“Lost River Reverie,” 1 and 2

“Lost River Reverie” is a series of two, short, psychotherapeutic videos from the West Virginia outback. All imagery certified from Lost River WV environs and was shot in November 2021.

“Lost River Reverie,” No. 1.

“Lost River Reverie,” No. 2

“Windmills and Smokestacks of West Virginia, No. 1”: Spend time in eastern West Virginia, you encounter wind turbines and smokestacks. When I posted pix of Mt. Storm Wind Farm, a friend said how nice it is to associate West Virginia with windpower instead of hillbilly drek. Windfarms also cause one to ponder the need to ditch a carbon-fired economy before we cook ourselves. Here’s No. 1 in an occasional video series on windmills and smokestacks.

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