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DOCUMENTARY: “100 Days of Badass Women

Overwhelmed by the headlines, Donald Trump’s chaotic takeover of the American presidency, a global pandemic and winter’s onset, West Virginia artist Sassa Wilkes couldn’t get to the easel. Then, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Sassa wished to get to know the legal legend by painting her portrait. The artist kept on going, birthing a painting a day of 99 more portraits of badass women in the final 100 days of 2020. The 19-minute, award-winning AmpMediaProject.con documentary, showcases Sassa’s passion to depict women, both famous and little-known, contemporary and historic, whose inspiring lives and work deserve acclaim and, in some cases, far wider notice.


SEE THE FEB. 3, 2021 WESTVIRGINIAVILLE.COM PROFILE OF THE ARTIST: ‘THE FEMALE GAZE: How a West Virginia Artist Captured 100 Badass Women’

The “100 Days of Badass Women” documentary has been juried into the following festivals:

1) Official Selection in 13th annual 2021 SiciliAmbiente Festival, in Sicily, Italy.
2) Official selection in the 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival.
3) Official selection in the monthly Chicago Indie Film Awards in March 2021
4) Official selection in the 2021 Best Shorts Competition in “Best Short Documentary” category.
5) Official selection in the 2021 Venice California Shorts Festival in “Best Documentary” category.

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